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 Posted by: Dinesh Ebeneezer (Batch 02/03 A)    Posted Date: 30/04/2006
We sadly inform you all that Anjeline's (2002/2003A Batch) dad passed away last evening (26th of April) due to blood Cancer. The funeral date and venue will be notified later. I hope all of you will share this moment of woe with Anjeline & her family. 'May the soul rest in peace'.

 Posted by: Gajananan (Batch 01/02)    Posted Date: 24/04/2006

We sadly inform you that, Kumaraths's [batch 2001/2002] sister has passed away yesterday [23-04-2006] night.

We deeply convey our condolences and share the sympathies with Kumarathas and his family members on this occasion. May soul of Kumaraths's sister attain peace! 

NB: Further details on funeral will latter be posted.

 Posted by: Yogendirakumar (Batch 00/01)    Posted Date: 23/04/2006

Kulanthaivel Vijayalayan (Viji) expired on 10/4/2006, leaving his wife and two sons. The cremation will take place at Borella Cemetery on 13th April 2006 (Thursday) at 10:30 am. Address: No 37 Shrubbery Gardens Colombo 4.

Reason: He was hospitalized after fainted at home, the cause is the high pressure and which damaged the brain (a blast in the vein), and  he was in the coma stage for a day or two in the ICU, they could not save as brain damaged.

Our most senior graduate 89/90 in the science faculty, Vijialyan anna passed away, it is really sad, some of you all might have seen him in the past he came for most of the get-together and the functions organized, he was the first president of the Hindu Society of University of Colombo, also on behave of the science faculty Tamil students pay him the respect, he is one of the back born for our Unity, Strength and Successes of all of us. Our Deepest condolence to his family.

 Posted by: Kuhajeyan (Batch 00/01)    Posted Date: 04/04/2006
We regret to inform you that, Yogendirakumar's (2000/2001) mother has passed away in the earlier morning today (04/04/2006). The funeral will be held on Thursday 06th April 2006 at 4.00 PM at Borella Cemetery.

We share our deepest sympathies with Mr.K.Yogendirakumar and his family.

 Posted by: Thillakan (Batch 02/03)    Posted Date: 01/04/2006

Thurairajah Cup 2006 series was held on 11th of March 2006 at University of Moratuwa. Final match was payed between Colombo and Moratuwa and it end up with tie. Colombo and Moratuwa are joint champions. Sujithan was awarded for man of the series and Dinesh and Pirashanth was awared for man of the match for each match. The players who played for team are T.S.Thillakan (C), A.D.Ebeneezer, P.C.A.Sathesekumar, C.Pirashanth, V.Anusan, R.Thiruvarankan, S.Atchuthan, S.Lalithkumar, S.S.Edward, V.R.Sujithan, V.Srisivatheeban, T.Biratheeban and A.Asok. HIP HIP ... HURRAH.....

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