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Batch of  98/99

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No. Photo Name Designation Action
1. Balakumar .Y Graduate Teacher (Maths, IT)
2. Bhavan .V Now in UK
3. Chenduran .T Now in Australia
4. Gayathri .A Now in Australia
5. Girvani .G Now in UK
6. Ithayavani .I PhD in chemistry
7. James .S Now in Australia
8. Janene .R Engineer QA
9. Jegan .M MSc in Financial Mathematics
10. Jenita .E .M Now in UK
11. Jeyatharshini .V Now in UK
12. Kiruban .S Now in UK
13. Mahilnancai .T Now in USA
14. Mervyn .T Now in Australia
15. Mohamad Rila .A
16. Muralitharan .K Now in Maldives
17. Nadanarupan .P Now in UK
18. Navaneethan .S Now in Jaffna
19. Nirojan .N Now in UK
20. Parthiban .V Innovation Engineer
21. Piratheeban .V Now in UK
22. Prasanthan .W Now in New Zealand
23. Ramanan .A Business, in Canada
24. Ruzniya .A
25. Sasiprabha .S Senior Monitoring Officer
26. Sasitharan .P Now in UK
27. Senthuran .S Now in Australia
28. Shazeen .C
29. Subajini .V Operational Manager - Australia
30. Suthagar .P Now in UK
31. Sutharsan .K Now in Canada
32. Sutharshan .N
33. Thayanithy .T Now in UK
34. Vakeesan .T
35. Vanitha .K Now in UK
36. Varni .S
37. Vijitha .R Business Consultant

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